Panda Plush Pillow

6cm Keychain 2
6cm Keychain 3
20X20X10cm 2
20X20X10cm 3
20X20X10cm 4
20X20X10cm 5
20X20X10cm 6
20X20X10cm 7
20X20X10cm 8
20X20X10cm 9
20X20X10cm 10
20X20X10cm 11
20X20X10cm 12
20X20X10cm 13
20X20X10cm 14
20X20X10cm 15
20X20X10cm 16
20X20X10cm 17
6cm Keychain
  • This magnificent Panda Plush Pillow will accompany you in your sleep, it will cuddle you every day for your well-being.

    The Panda Plush Pillow is the perfect gift for a birthday or a very particular occasion!

    You can take it everywhere or use it to decorate your room. It's up to you to create surprising and extraordinary stories with the Panda Plush Pillow!
    Our cuddly toys are beautiful and waiting for you to be adopted!

    Material: COTTON
    Type: Cushion/Pillow
    Warning: NO FIRE
    Age Range: > 3 years old

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